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Welcome to Roy Philipose, Bio - March 2015
Who am I? 

Aspring Artist/Philosopher/Entrepreneur from Philadelphia. Indian-American, Born in USA. Right Brainer.

What else am I?
Investor, Instructor, Author, Economist, Futurist, Generalist, and Aspiring Inventor.

What is my passion?
I have a passion for capital and business. I also have a passion for music and entertainment.

What is my purpose?
My purpose in life is to build and create. I focus on building everyday.  

What is my dream? 
I have a dream to build a company or run one. I also have a dream to be an artist.

What schools did I attend?
I attended many schools in the Philadelphia area. I made them very successful.

What education did I achieve?
I have an Associates Degree. I also have a total of 120 college credits. 

Where have I worked?
Self storage, web hosting, tech support, retail, telecom, college, fast food, and my company.

What am I currently working on?
Hip-Hop Music, Raising capital, and some exercise.

What philosophy do I offer the world?
"Give Before You Go"

--Roy Philipose

"Life is not what you do for yourself, but what you do for others." -- Ben Franklin

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